2003 Tokyo Motor Show: Mazda Press Briefing

Ausschnitt aus dem Mazda Pressebriefing auf der Tokyo Motorshow 22.10.2003

[Hisakazu Imaki, President and CEO]
As we continue to introduce more U-LEV and PZEV engine, our work continues on a "Hydrogen Rotary Engine." Mazda is the only company who can develop this remarkable technology using the rotary engine. As you know, we began our bi-Fuel/Hydrogen RE vehicle research and development program in the 1990s, based upon our belief that a hydrogen would eventually become the next alternative fuel.

We believe that "Hydrogen RE" is a critical next step as we move to toward cost-effective, multipurpose, and socially acceptable alternative fuel vehicles. Further, as the unique nature of the rotary engine makes it ideal for hydrogen combustion, we feel that Mazda has an advantage as in developing this technology.

Our "Hydrogen Rotary RX-8" is a dual-fuel vehicle - able to run on either gasoline or hydrogen and is the type of vehicle we think is important to support the proper hydrogen infrastructure. "Hydrogen RE" is currently being researched by test driving the experiment vehicle "RX-8 Hydrogen RE" to aim to actualizing public use in the near future. In addition, a hydrogen rotary engine unit is also exhibited today. This engine unit is equipped with a hybrid motor and  electric-assisted turbo charger.

It was a very brief presentation of Mazda's "Zoom-Zoom to the future", the tomorrow of "Zoom-Zoom."

It is our ultimate mission to continually deliver "Zoom-Zoom," that is "Stylish, Insightful, and Spirited" Mazda brand to the world. Its value is born by Mazda's original vehicles and technology. Mazda is determined to pursue its unparalleled endeavor. Please look forward to seeing even great evolution of Mazda's "Zoom-Zoom to the future".
Thank you for your kind attention.


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